About Us
Machan Bali Holiday

About Us

Machan Bali Holiday is professional tour operator and private driver service based in Bali, Indonesia. We specialize in assisting tourists to get the best experiences while enjoying vacation in Bali.

As a Balinese, it is our strength point knowing details of our cultures/ Bali cultures, tradition, way of Balinese day to day life, as well as best places to visit in Bali. As most tourists visiting Bali more prefer using private transportation/ private driver that conventional transportation due to by using private driver, especially Balinese driver, they can get three benefits in one shot which is an indigenous tour guide, a private driver and also an assistance.

Machan Bali Holiday is one of the best private tour driver available, we already in the tourist industry for several years. Our service goal is to make your holiday in Bali will be unforgettable moment that you will be proud of for a life time.

The joy of brightening other lives, bearing each others’ burdens, easing others’ loads and supplanting empty hearts and lives with generous gifts becomes for us the magic of the holidays.

W. C. Jones

"Machan" is a Sinhala language which mean "Friend". Many has mistakenly think it is a typo from word "Macan", which is in Indonesian language mean "Tiger". The history concept of the name is meant to make anyone who use Machan Bali Holiday service will always be friends, and as time flies, will create long term bond that more than just "Service Provider - Customer" relation.


We listen and care

We pride ourselves with the positive testimonials we get from our customers; nonetheless we generally endeavor to enhance our tour service consistently. Listening to what our customer suggestions giving a crucial part in seeing how we can improve our tour packages program, driver services and tour guide for our future customers. We encourage our customers to give us their criticism, both positive and negative, so we can better serve our customers later on.

"Wayan Parta"